Icelandic NER

Fine-tuned models for Named Entity Recognition in Icelandic language


Welcome to the Icelandic NER repository! Here, you’ll find fine-tuned models for Named Entity Recognition (NER) in Icelandic, based on the MIM-GOLD-NER dataset. Whether you’re into linguistics, AI, or you’re just keen on understanding Icelandic texts better, this is the place to be!


  • Entities Covered: Date, Location, Miscellaneous, Money, Organization, Percent, Person, Time
  • Evaluated Models: RoBERTa (IceBERT), BERT (mBERT), DistilBERT (mdBERT)
  • Easy to Use: Code snippets are provided for using these models right away with Transformers pipelines.

Quick Start

Clone the repo and install requirements:

pip install transformers

Run the example code to get NER results:

# See the README for the full example code.